Original Hot Yoga Class

90 & 60 minute classes

Also known as the Bikram Yoga Method. This tried and true beginning yoga class is the most effective yoga system for relieving stress, normalizing blood pressure, healing injuries, strengthening the human body and increasing mobility.

Class consists of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises practiced in a heated room. This is a true beginning yoga class. With regular practice, the depth and intensity of the postures will rise to meet you where you are, from first time student to advanced practitioner. This is a class for any fitness level, from folks who are just getting started on a fitness plan to highly-trained, competitive athletes.

Each class includes students at all levels of fitness and physical abilities. We all practice together. Our teachers have all completed a rigorous two month training program, and teach each class using clear, step-by-step instructions.

This class is especially effective if you are looking to:

- Get Stronger
- Manage Stress
- Eliminate Back Pain
- Heal Your Aching Joints
- Lose Weight
- Normalize Blood Pressure
- Improve the Quality of Your Life



Inferno Hot Pilates Class

6o minute classes

Also known as IHP, the Inferno Hot Pilates class is our beginning “core training system.” IHP combines yoga and mat Pilates with High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It is a low-impact workout - no jumping or pounding on the joints - which makes it suitable for all fitness levels, from seasoned athletes to weekend warriors, from folks training for triathlons to folks looking to get away from their desks for an hour. It’s also a high-intensity workout - you will work your whole body using this simple, effective system. IHP will challenge you right where you are. It will challenge you. It will change you.

Practiced in a heated room, with a fun and lively soundtrack of popular music, the IHP system builds lean muscle mass, burns fat and calories and increases overall energy. It increases strength and control of the body’s “powerhouse”, and helps all students build awareness of the pelvic floor muscles. You’ll leave class feeling better than when you walked in! You’ll also HAVE FUN DOING IT.

Prepare to sweat, work hard and be inspired. Get ready to have a good time with amazing people. Most of all, get yourself ready to experience the awesome results results of this powerful body work.

This class is especially effective if you are looking to:

- Increase your Overall Energy Levels
- Build Lean Muscle Mass
- Be Inspired by Your Workout
- See your Progress
- Motivate Yourself to Stick With It
- Boost Your Metabolism


Hot Vinyasa Yoga Class

60 and 90 Minute classes

Our Hot Vinyasa class is derived from the Barkan Method, a more athletic combination of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga styles. The class consists of many of the familiar 26 postures form the Original Hot Yoga Method, integrated with postures from other vinyasa styles. Some experience with yoga, though not required, is recommended.

Each class maintains a basic format offering structure and continuity, to allow each student to learn at his or her own pace. The first half of class is an athletic series of flowing postures: sun salutations, lunges, upward/downward facing dogs and optional chaturangas. Modifications are offered to allow students to build upper body strength and to practice correct alignment.

The second half of class combines the familiar postures from our Original Hot Yoga with variations from other vinyasa styles. The Hot Vinyasa class builds strength, increases flexibility and develops a deeper sense of breath control. Come ready to sweat, get stronger and try something new!

This class is especially effective if you are looking to:

- Try Something New
- Build Upper Body Strength
- Connect Breath to Movement
- Expand on the Bikram (Original Hot Yoga) Practice